I try and go at least 5 times a week because it’s my favourite place to exercise! Well...the only place, really. Why would I go anywhere else?

Finally tried out barre today and I LOVE IT! It’s a bit nerve wrecking to be in a roomful of other girls who are more coordinated than me (hehe!) and trying out the moves all while trying not to feel shy! Thanks to Dr. Andrea who was an amazing teacher and very encouraging today! What a great way to start the day and I’m still feeling the burn in my legs! Felt very pretty doing the workout by the Barre, it may look graceful and may look easy but trust me it is an amazing workout! A definite recommend to all my friends! My life is on point ❤️❤️❤️ to The Barre Clinic

Andrea’s Barre studios have been a welcome addition to my life. A truly beautiful workout for the mind and body. xo

Love this studio and the lovely instructors who lead classes here. The Barre Clinic has made a real difference to my overall health and I genuinely look forward to my next session!

I love The Barre Clinic! The instructors are friendly and encouraging of all skill and ability levels, the classes are challenging and I have gained so much flexibility and strength while enjoying every class!

My new favourite exercise class! Worked every little muscle to make my body feel like it’s starting to get back in sync again. Walked out feeling stronger and more graceful already.

Did a barre class and am hooked. Instructors were very welcoming and encouraging. 10/10

I’ve never enjoyed working out so much before. It’s such a welcoming environment with fabulous instructors who keep pushing you to your limits, plus a little more. Love it!