Clinical Pilates

mondays @ 5:15pm • 60 MINUTES

Tuesdays @ 11:00am • 60 MINUTES

wednesdays @ 4:45pm • 60 MINUTES

Thursdays @ 6:30pm • 60 MINUTES

saturdays @ 8:00am & 9:15am • 60 MINUTES

Our Clinical Pilates classes are run through our sister business Southside Clinic.

Clinical Pilates is often used in combination with physical therapy to help you recover from injuries or help to rehabilitate you after surgery.

Clinical Pilates essentially takes a more personalised approach to treatment than a normal Pilates class. Using their knowledge and training, qualified clinical practitioners will tailor an exercise program to your specific needs that targets specific muscles and adapts and changes to suit your level and abilities.

At Southside Clinic we offer:

1:1 Private Clinical Pilates

Our fully trained, Clinical Pilates instructors, offer 1:1 appointments and initial Pilates assessments at Southside Clinic. 

Clinical Pilates clients will be given an assessment at their first appointment, and your instructor will design an individual program specific to your needs. The program will be progressive and diverse, giving you a safe framework to advance your Pilates exercises.

5:1 Group Clinical Pilates

We have a maximum of 5 people per group Clinical Pilates session. This small group size allows personalised attention from the instructor, who can offer wonderful modifications, progressions, regressions and props to make your Pilates experience perfectly tailored to you.

We promote quality over quantity. We want you to get the absolute most out of your Clinical Pilates session. Our 5:1 approach means you will be given more exercises, work harder, have a specialised program tailored to you, and most importantly, get maximum results!

We have the prerequisite that you participate in three 1:1 private Clinical Pilates session before you can join the 5:1 classes.