New to our studio? What you need to know.

we can't wait to have you working out with us!

We’re thrilled that you’ve decided to try out a class. You won’t regret it! We believe that everyone is capable of rocking our classes - no dance experience required. As long as you can hold a ballet barre, you can do a Barre class. That’s not to say that it’s easy, your first class will likely feel challenging at times, but we encourage you to stick with it.

Try your hardest and let loose and feel free to ask your instructor plenty of questions after class if you weren't clear on any of the moves. At The Barre Clinic, we believe that exercise should be fun!

 What do I need to know before my first class?

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your class begins so we can get you acquainted with our gorgeous boutique studio and have you fill out your paperwork.

  • Grip socks are required for all classes and can be purchased at the studio for $15. Make sure you bring a towel and water bottle as classes get sweaty. We have lockers, changing rooms, restrooms and showers available for your use.

  • Entry into class is not permitted 5 minutes after the start of class.

  • Let your instructor know if you have any injuries or are pregnant. They are happy to help with modifications throughout class.

  • If you need to change your class, be sure to do so at least within the cancellation period.

  • Bookings are essential and can be made online or through the MindBody Online app. We have an 8-hour Cancellation Policy for all classes.


We offer two special offers for new clients at The Barre Clinic.


First Class Free entitles you to attend your first class absolutely free. Simply use the code FIRSTFREE when booking into a class online or call our studio on 1300 10 11 22.


One Week Unlimited allows you to experience the full range of classes on offer at the Barre Clinic. For $29 you can attend as many group classes as you like (including all our barre, yoga, adult ballet and tBC HIIT classes) during a seven-day period. The week starts from the first class you attend.  This pack can be purchased by calling our clinic on 1300 10 11 22.

We are so excited to see you at the barre soon!


Frequently asked questions.

How is The Barre Clinic's signature workout different from other barre classes?

Utilizing the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements set to fantastic music, The Barre Clinic signature workout is a total body workout that lifts your seat, tones your thighs, abs, and arms, and burns fat in record - breaking time.

What does the Barre Clinic do for my body?

By taking The Barre Clinic classes, you will burn calories and gain lean muscle. Its low-impact, isometric movements target and tone certain areas of your body, and your heart rate will go up and down depending on how hard you work.

How soon will I see results?

You can see results in just 8-10 classes! For optimal results, classes should be taken at least 3-4 times per week. Your actual results will vary, as it depends on how often you are coming and what you are eating!

Do you have different levels of classes?

All our signature barre classes are the same level as the technique was designed to work for people at all levels of fitness. That way, you can choose the class that suits your schedule, rather than being forced to work out at a specific time based on the level of class. The positions and movements are basic - it's how deep you work in them that makes the difference. We are constantly changing our music and moves to keep each class fresh and exciting. In fact, you should never experience the exact same class twice!

For clients who are returning to exercise and may have lower fitness levels, or for our older clients wanting a slightly slower pace class, we offer our Barre-Ballet-Pilates and Over 50s Barre classes. These are perfect for those coming back to exercise after injury, clients who have a particular pathology or those just wanting to take it a little slower.

Why does my body shake?

When your body shakes, it means your muscles are reaching the point of fatigue, which is a good thing! Your goal is to have the muscle group you are targeting during a specific section of class shake every time. After the shake, you will stretch, to elongate the muscles while they are warm and malleable. This leads to long, lean muscles!

What should I wear to class?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes that you can move in (yoga pants or gym tights are perfect). Remember you are here to exercise. Avoid wearing shorts unless you don't mind everyone knowing what colour your underwear is!

How do I book?

Bookings can be conveniently made through our website, or by simply calling our reception team on 1300 10 11 22. Bookings may also be made via the MindBody app. Bookings are essential as times can fill up quickly and, for your safety, we do enforce maximum numbers for each class. Payment is required as you book your class and can be completed online, over the phone or in person at the studio.

What is The Barre Clinic’s cancellation policy?

We require 8 hours notice for all bookings and unfortunately we cannot make exceptions. Late cancellation of your class will result in forfeiture of the class from your class pack. This is in consideration of both other clients waiting for spots and also instructors who may be attending the studio purely to teach that class. Exception: present a Doctors medical certificate within 5 days showing you were unwell or injured on the date of the class.