Signature Barre

classes run Monday-SUNDAY.

All classes run for 60 minutes. check timetable for exact class times.

The Barre Clinic signature barre class is unlike any other barre program you have done before. Modeled on the traditional structure of a ballet class - with barre work first, centre second and finishing with floor barre - and incorporating elements of dance, ballet and Pilates, your body will be taken on a safe and thorough journey. During our class you are warmed up during the barre repertoire, completing kicks, jumps and cardio later in the class when your body is warm and ready. We have options to modify or advance every exercise for any level of fitness and also options to modify for injury or pregnancy.

Our signature barre class will work you hard, make you sweat and burn and leave you feeling fabulous. Each class features an elegant yet energetic combination of movements that enhance flexibility, improve balance, and challenge the core. No prior Pilates experience or dance training required. Just be ready to sweat!

Over 50s Barre


Over 50s Barre is a slower, entry level class for those who want to get back into barre after injury or not exercising for quite a while.

The pace of the class is slower than a normal barre class to allow more time for proper explanation of the exercises and technique and the class will be modified for injury or low fitness levels.

The class starts with twenty minutes of barre workout, moving into the centre we then switch the music up to traditional classical ballet music completing a series of port de bras. We finish the class with some Pilates mat repertoire and a beautiful stretch.

Barre • Ballet • Pilates


We also offer a new class that is slightly more gentle than our signature barre class but that still offers a great all round workout.

Starting with twenty minutes at the barre, as per our regular barre classes, we then move into the centre, switching up the music to traditional ballet music and adding optional hand weights. We finish with fifteen minutes of mat Pilates and a five minute yoga stretch and savasana.

This class is open to all age groups and abilities.