Become an incredible Barre Instructor today!

With our comprehensive online barre clinic training program, become an intelligent, safe and professional barre teacher right from the comfort of your own home.

Watch this short video to hear more about the course from its creator Dr. Andrea Robertson (Osteopath).

The course content includes:

-       10 hours of video content

-       A 295+ page manual

-       Live weekly online mentoring sessions

You will learn:

-       How to teach 65 exercises

-      Basic anatomy

-      Pilates foundations

-      Ballet foundations

-      How to cue your clients (using both verbal and tactile cues)

-      Class timing & set-up

-      Musicality and how to count music

-      How to transition between exercises

-      How to lesson plan

-      Modifications for clients with injuries

-      Modifications for pre & post natal clients

-      Modifications for over 50s and beginners

Start whenever you like, and work at your own pace. Teach barre confidently anywhere in the world, and lead others towards living a healthy, happy and active life.


About The Course



The Barre Clinic Training Program is an extremely comprehensive on-line program that will lead you towards becoming intelligent, safe and professional group fitness instructors of barre classes, right from the comfort of your own home.

If you are someone who wants to learn to teach barre, but for one reason or another, you can’t commit to an in-person training, this course is for you.

Our course is thorough and rewarding. We teach you everything you need to know about barre technique and creating barre classes so you can teach confidently and with passion. All the skills you learn will give you the confidence and knowledge to use our signature lesson planning framework to allow you to create your own classes in any environment.

The most important skill you will gain from our course is learning how to teach, and to help you find your own unique teaching style so you can be the best instructor you can be. If you want to learn to become an exceptional barre teacher (the kind of teacher you stalk from studio to studio), our course is for you.

Think about your favourite barre teacher. What is it that makes them so special? Chances are, it’s not because they can ace an anatomy quiz, or wear the latest active wear. The best teachers are so special because of how they deliver their classes. They’re authentic, passionate, and unlike anyone else. That’s what we want to help you find – your unique teaching voice.


Our training is suitable for those wanting to teach barre as well as those who want to take their own personal barre practice to the next level.

We invite anyone in the fitness industry to join us: Personal Trainers, Pilates Instructors, Yoga Instructors and Allied Health Professionals wanting to add barre to their repertoire.

This course is also for people who just love barre, may never want to teach, but want to perfect their own technique and get the most out of their own personal practice.

Our Barre Clinic Training Program is open to anyone with a passion for barre regardless of if you have a background in Pilates or Ballet. There is no assumed knowledge to attend this course. Our course materials cater to everyone from absolute beginners to those with existing fitness qualifications.


Once you’ve enrolled, we’ll send you the manual in the mail and give you a login to our e-learning studio.

The course itself teaches so much more than just the exercises. We cover:

-       Anatomy and physiology

-       Alignment principles

-       Industry leading barre repertoire

-       Dynamic and effective teaching skills

-       Formatting and sequencing for 60 minute classes

-       Pre and post natal modifications

-       Common injuries and competency modifications

-       Yoga, ballet and Pilates terminology

-       Variations for beginners to advanced students

-       Musicality

-       Cueing and verbal instructions

-       Verbal and tactile cueing

-       How to uncover your unique teaching style

-       Lesson planning, including 2 pre-planned lessons to get you started

You will be given access to approximately 10 hours of online videos, which break down every exercise, as well as a 295+ page manual which includes photographs of every exercise. The videos and manual also cover your training in Pilates, ballet, anatomy, musicality and teaching skills.

The course also includes access to a weekly online group mentoring session with our founder, Andrea Robertson, or one of her senior teachers. This will be an opportunity for you to ask questions, ask for feedback on your teaching, and connect with other course participants.

We also have an ‘instructors-in-training’ private Facebook page, where Andrea and her senior teachers will be available to answer questions and offer support. This is also a great place to connect with your fellow class participants. Through the group, you may like to connect with other participants who live locally to you, and arrange times to catch up and practice together.

To help your training you’ll also receive access to our online studio – for a discounted rate of $15 a month. This way you can participate in classes anytime and anywhere.


We suggest that you allow 2-3 hours practice for every hour of online video that you watch, so we estimate that the coursework will take you 20-30 hours to complete.

On top of this we allow 12 weeks (3 months) of online group mentoring, where we suggest you attend at least once per fortnight.

From here, we suggest you do 5-10 hours of practice teaching your peers before your final exam.

We also have a requirement that you attend a minimum of 10 barre classes as part of your training. These can be done at a Barre Clinic studio, through our online class portal or at other specialised barre studios.

Therefore your total commitment will be 35-50 hours. We suggest you complete the course within a 3 month period, however taking longer is also possible if you have other commitments. If you complete the course within a 3 month period, your commitment would be 3-4 hours per week. Of course you can complete the course much faster. We have had teachers complete this course and start teaching within 2 weeks, however they had minimal other commitments through this time.

We pride ourselves on giving you the best training possible through our exclusive e-learning system to allow you to study at your own pace, in your own time.


There are two short online exams and one video class exam to be completed during the course. You must pass the formal assessments to pass this course.  The course is designed to totally prepare you to pass with flying colours.

The online exams, one at the end of Part 1, and one at the end of Part 2, are 30 multi-choice or true and false type questions. The final video exam will be where you film yourself teaching a class. It is an opportunity for you to get some feedback from our training team on how you’re doing, all done with plenty of love and encouragement.

A competency score for the online exams is 70%. You have unlimited attempts to be marked as competent for the online exams. The video exam is marked as either competent or not competent. Re-examination for the video exam is $150 each time which includes a one-on-one individual mentoring session to help you work through the feedback, and help set you up for success the next time.

At the completion of the written assessments and exam video, and once they are all marked as competent, you will be awarded your Barre Clinic Training Program Certificate.


The course is broken into three parts, with the following topics covering in each module:

Training Modules.png


The Barre Clinic Training Program costs $540 (including GST if you are in Australia). This includes access to our e-learning studio, online mentoring and all assessments as well as a printed manual sent to you anywhere in Australia. If you live internationally, please contact our studio on for individual shipping costs.