About The Barre Clinic’s Signature Barre Class


The Barre Clinic's signature barre class was designed by our founder Dr Andrea Robertson. Andrea has been an Osteopath since 2000, and has also danced professionally for many years after training in classical ballet to an elite level.

The Barre Clinic signature barre class is unlike any other barre program your clients have done before. Modeled on the traditional structure of a ballet class - with barre work first, centre second and finishing with floor barre, your clients will be taken on a safe and thorough journey. During our class clients are warmed up thoroughly during the barre repertoire leaving time to complete kicks, jumps and cardio later in the class when their body is warm and ready.

Our signature barre class will work your clients hard, make them sweat and burn and leave them feeling fabulous. Each class features an elegant yet energetic combination of movements that enhance flexibility, improve balance, and challenge the core.

The Barre Clinic Signature Barre classes are multi-level, safe, fun and effective. As an instructor, you will be given the tools to modify or advance every exercise for any level of fitness and also options to modify for injury or pregnancy.

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